Smokie Sacramento Velomobile Meetup

Drove 9 hours up to Sacramento on Friday November 9. The Paradise fire was still going strong and Sacramento was enveloped in the smoke. Spent the night in the luxurious Motel 6. Got my days mixed up and though I planned to wake at 6:00 AM my Saturday alarm was actually set to 7:00, so I was already late when I awoke.

So Gary called me up, asking if I was actually going to join them for breakfast at Denny’s. I was totally confused and I felt slightly off all day because of it. After the haute cuisine at Denny’s we headed to Gary’s to meet up and ride. Once again I got turned around and took me twice as long as it should to get to the house. In part I’m sure part of my confusion on directions was because of the smoke. If I can’t see the sun, can’t tell which way I’m going.

Gary described a shuttered Big Lots store as a good place to stage our ride. Since there were four velomobiles and only three vehicles capable of carrying one, he headed over in his WAW. The rest of us caravaned over. Since my Quest was the heaviest and slowest, I rode on the trail near the back. Michael stayed behind me to witness to my errors. He was there when I took the Quest up on two wheels and nearly rolled it over on the side. Fortunately there are no pictures so it never happened. Take my word for it.

Slow poke riding behind the fast guys.


Gabriel in DF



If you’re not the lead dog the view never changes. 🙂



Many sharp turns made for interesting riding. My Quest is not only the heaviest, it’s also the least maneuverable.



The shrubbery and the levees combined to give us only fleeting glimpses of the river from our velomobiles.



I was able to get my Garmin camera working well enough to make a movie. And I learned how to use some open source software to splice the videos together and add a sound track of freely licensed music. Here it is for your viewing pleasure, enjoy.



Six Rivers Tour

My friend Paul and I decided to take a tour in Northern California as sort of a celebration of our retirement. The original plan was to do a large loop starting in Weaverville, California, riding down Highway 36 to 101. Down and back into the Avenue of the Giants, side trip to Ferndale. Then north […]


October Surprise

We decided that a six day tour through the Central Coast would be a good practice for our future boarder to boarder tours. We hope to do first the Pacific Crest from here to Canada and then the Pacific Coast back. But we need to get our equipment sorted and learn what it takes to […]


Luggage Boxes

I just added these to my Quest, to give me more storage space when I tour. They enclose an are in the front that would be of little or no use, normally. I can put three tires and three tube in them. I might be able to get all that in one, if I pack […]


S240 Ramona Camping Trip April 11-12, 2015

Paul and I hatched a plan about a month ago to do an overnight bicycle camping trip. Paul arrived at my house shortly before 9:00 AM Saturday morning, raring to go. I was excited too. This was a test for equipment and practices. I have new camping equipment pared down to fit inside the velomobile. […]


Velomobile FAQ


Did you build it?


No I bought it from BlueVelo in Toronto Canada. The bodies are built in Romania and mine was partially assembled in Dronten, Netherlands, then shipped to Toronto for final assembly and export to the U.S. where I live.


Do you ride it on the […]


What is a velomobile?


A velomobile, or bicycle car, is a human-powered vehicle (HPV) enclosed for aerodynamic advantage and protection from weather and collisions. Nearly all velomobiles are single-passenger vehicles. They are derived from recumbent bicycles and tricycles, with the addition of a full fairing (aerodynamic shell).

What is a Velomobile?

The Quest is a a […]


First Day with my Quest.

I took the day off, went to the freight depot and picked up my new Quest. Put it in the truck and brought it home. One of the fun days we work and live for!

Paul next to unoppend box

My friend Paul came along to give moral support, drool over my new toy. […]


Shipped Today

Woo! Hoo! It shipped today. Months of waiting almost over.

I hope it’s every bit as fun as I expect. Probably take me a month before I feel comfortable with it. Will be like Christmas morning when it arrives.

Shipped today April 11, 2014. Like waiting for a child to be born. Know within […]


First Pictures

of my new Quest velomobile. I can hardly wait for it to get here.

New Blue Quest


Front view of the Quest


Rear view of my Blue Quest

Randy says he hopes to be able to ship Monday the 7th or Tuesday the 8th. I’m looking forward to it!