Everything’s just ducky!

I was out for a ride on Tuesday morning, heading toward northern Escondido. As I crossed Rancho Bernardo Road, I saw something in the roadway, fluttering. At first I didn’t even recognize what I was seeing. Then I realized that there was a mother duck and her chicks in the road ahead of me. I was really concerned that they would waddle into the street. I tried to put myself and my bike between the traffic and the ducks. As I was trying to figure out how to get the ducklings over the curb, along came a gentleman, Rick Larkin, who starts taking pictures.

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Buiding a ramp for short ducks

Rick wrote a nice article for the San Diego Reader. Here’s what he originally wrote and sent to me by email:

Tuesday morning brought a scene out of a children’s book to the corner of
Rancho Bernardo and Pomerado Roads. Bicyclist Neil Schneider, out for a
training ride, came upon a mother duck and her 11 babies waddling along in
the heavy traffic. He stopped and quickly urged them toward the sidewalk,
but the steep curb prevented the 11 ducklings from following Mom.

Mr. Schneider at first attempted to pick the babies up, but this action was
not appreciated by Mother Duck. He then fashioned a make-shift ramp using a
bag from his touring bike. After a few tense minutes, the ducklings
scampered up and rejoined their mother. They were last seen scurrying into
some shrubbery, presumably to rest up before continuing their long trek to
nearby Lake Hodges.

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Mama and her babies

Eventually I managed to get all the babies over the curb, and the Momma duck and her ducklings settled down to recuperate from the stress of their ordeal.

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Recuperating from their ordeal

I rode on, with no further excitement. Did see more ducks and swallows over by Lake Hodges. It turned out to be a lovely day to ride.

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If you were a duck, would you trust this guy?

Keep the shiny side up and the rubber side down.

Why a duck?


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