Smokie Sacramento Velomobile Meetup

Drove 9 hours up to Sacramento on Friday November 9. The Paradise fire was still going strong and Sacramento was enveloped in the smoke. Spent the night in the luxurious Motel 6. Got my days mixed up and though I planned to wake at 6:00 AM my Saturday alarm was actually set to 7:00, so I was already late when I awoke.

So Gary called me up, asking if I was actually going to join them for breakfast at Denny’s. I was totally confused and I felt slightly off all day because of it. After the haute cuisine at Denny’s we headed to Gary’s to meet up and ride. Once again I got turned around and took me twice as long as it should to get to the house. In part I’m sure part of my confusion on directions was because of the smoke. If I can’t see the sun, can’t tell which way I’m going.

Gary described a shuttered Big Lots store as a good place to stage our ride. Since there were four velomobiles and only three vehicles capable of carrying one, he headed over in his WAW. The rest of us caravaned over. Since my Quest was the heaviest and slowest, I rode on the trail near the back. Michael stayed behind me to witness to my errors. He was there when I took the Quest up on two wheels and nearly rolled it over on the side. Fortunately there are no pictures so it never happened. Take my word for it.

Slow poke riding behind the fast guys.


Gabriel in DF



If you’re not the lead dog the view never changes. 🙂



Many sharp turns made for interesting riding. My Quest is not only the heaviest, it’s also the least maneuverable.



The shrubbery and the levees combined to give us only fleeting glimpses of the river from our velomobiles.



I was able to get my Garmin camera working well enough to make a movie. And I learned how to use some open source software to splice the videos together and add a sound track of freely licensed music. Here it is for your viewing pleasure, enjoy.



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