4th Annual San Diego Tweed Ride

Sunday December 9, 2012

I estimate there were more than 100 people participating. This little bike was painted up just for the occasion. It was both and advertisement and a road marker for people looking for the ride start.

Cargo Bike painted up for the ride

This was one of the more […]


2011 San Diego Custom Bicycle Show

This is the second year I volunteered for the San Diego Custom Bicycle Show. For me it had a much different feel than last year. In part it was the change of venue. The show moved from the Town & Country Resort and Conference Center to Golden Hall at the San Diego Community Concourse. I […]


Custom Wool Knickers

This is a somewhat long post, because it took more than two months to complete. Hope you enjoy the read.

I’ve been trying to figure out what would be the most comfortable and flexible clothing to wear while traveling by bicycle. I’m not fond of the idea of Lycra while touring, because it gets really […]