There’s safety in numbers for cyclists

by Elly Blue

In U.S. cities, there are a lot more people out bicycling than just a few years ago. You might reasonably think that the bicycle crash rate would skyrocket as more people, from wobbly new riders to the outright safety-averse, take to the streets on two wheels.

It’s a fine, common-sense assumption — […]


Big Oil Threatens Adventure Cycling Routes

By Mike Seager (Editor), on September 30th, 2010

Would you want to bike with this? That tiny truck on the right is a logging truck.

If you’ve been reading the Eugene Weekly, you may already know that Imperial Oil/ExxonMobil is planning to ship hundreds of tons of oil equipment up the Columbia River, destined […]


GRIST: How one Swedish city gets people to trade silly car trips for bikes

How one Swedish city gets people to trade silly car trips for bikes [VIDEO]

by Sarah Goodyear

29 Sep 2010 10:00 AM

A clever public health campaign in Malmö, Sweden, is getting people onto bikes by making them feel silly for driving short distances when they could bike instead.

The campaign, called “No Ridiculous Car Trips,” […]


Why an additional road tax for bicyclists would be unfair

A thought provoking article from Grist.

“Should cyclists pay a road tax?”

That was printed on the side of one of Portland, Ore.’s MAX light rail trains as it sailed back and forth across the region for six months in 2009.

The question was designed to provoke, and it did. “We already do!” I […]


Share the Road Stinks

I read this interesting post by a lawyer from Ohio. I love his writing style and I think he has an important message to get out. Bicyclists belong!

Some of his post I find most thought provoking:

“This entire line of thought has always baffled me, frankly, because it implies that motorists OWN […]


SR56 Bike Path Closure

SR56 Bike Route Closure

According to Kathy Keehan with San Diego County BIcycle Coalition:

The SR 56 Bike Path, from Carmel Valley Road to Carmel Country Road (though the residential development) will be closed due to a water line replacement starting as soon as September 13th and run as long as February 2011.

The […]


San Diego Custom Bicycle Show 2010

I volunteered to work at the 2010 San Diego Custom Bicycle Show. I was a great experience, and I got some riding in to boot, because I commuted to the show both days I worked. The San Diego County Bicycle Coalition solicited the volunteers and  provided a bicycle coral for parking. So my bike was […]



ty 2000

Date of Birth January 21, 2000 Waddling on the slippery ice Frigid thinks that cold is nice He jumps into the water below Then does it again, he loves it so!

And here he is folks, after his round the world tour, by way of China, originally from […]


Google Announces Google Biking Directions

Google Announces Google Biking Directions at the League of American Bicyclists’ 2010 National Bike Summit Washington, D.C. – March 10, 2010 – The League of American Bicyclists is proud to be the forum for Google to announce what all bike riders have been waiting for – Grab Your Bike and Go with Google Maps. Google […]