Bicycle Apocolypse

I decided to attempt to use Google Maps to create a path to Colorado. I’m going to visit my dad in Clifton. I thought it might be a chance to scout some routes, in case I want to ride this way by bicycle. I got a little, well maybe a lot, off track North and […]


Midnight Madness 2011

The 2011 version of Midnight Madness was just as much fun as any year. Last year I was lead-out, this year I was near the back. Before the ride, there are costume contests and “official” photographs are taken of the riders. I even got a few photos of my own. It’s a little tricky taking […]


Queen Califia’s Magic Circle

June, 2, 2011

Distance: 32 miles Average Speed: 11+ mph

Just a short afternoon ride with my riding partner, Dennis. As we often do we detoured through Kit Carson Park in Escondido. This time we followed a sign that said <- Queen Califia . We decided to go look and this is what we found. […]


Everything’s just ducky!

I was out for a ride on Tuesday morning, heading toward northern Escondido. As I crossed Rancho Bernardo Road, I saw something in the roadway, fluttering. At first I didn’t even recognize what I was seeing. Then I realized that there was a mother duck and her chicks in the road ahead of me. I […]


Last Sunday in February

Mileage: 47.85 Ride Time: 4:01:20 Total time: 6 hours

I started from my house about 6:30 AM on Sunday, intending to meet up with the Recyclers in Santee. Unfortunately I left a little too late to make it to Woodglen Park by 8:00 AM. I got to the edge of Lakside at 8:20. […]


Salem to McMinville

On my Bike Friday New World Traveler

Because the train ride from Solana Beach, California to Salem, Oregon was 31 hours, mostly sitting in coach,  I decided that a good nights sleep and a chance to rejuvenate myself in Salem was preferable to trying to get to McMinville immediately, especially since I was arriving just […]


Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thursday we did another fun and adventuresome ride. Dennis and I met at Highway 56 and Black Mountain Road. We both rode there from home. Although the morning was crisp and cool, it warmed up soon after the sun rose about seven and continued to rise during the day.

Our destination was Java Depot in […]


SR56 Bike Path Closure

SR56 Bike Route Closure

According to Kathy Keehan with San Diego County BIcycle Coalition:

The SR 56 Bike Path, from Carmel Valley Road to Carmel Country Road (though the residential development) will be closed due to a water line replacement starting as soon as September 13th and run as long as February 2011.

The […]


Lakeside, Santee & Mission Gorge August 5, 2010

Distance: 46.8 Miles Moving Average: 11.2 MPH Total Climb: 3091 Feet Max Speed: 36.4 MPH Max HR: 169 BPM Avg HR: 129 BPM

Click on an image to see a full size view.

This is the long view. If you want to see the entire route take a trip over to RideWithGPS where I’ve […]


Solana Beach, Thursday July 29, 2010

Mileage: 40 Miles Total Ascent: 2100 feet Average speed: 11.7 mph

Thursday was a great day to ride. Marine layer in the morning guarantees a cool start, though as it burns off, the day can get quite warm inland.We started from the area of Rancho Penasquitos close to Black Mountain.  We rode north on Black […]