LCVMG 2014, Los Osos, California

Or for those not in the know, the Left Coast VeloMobile Gathering

Moro Bay seen from Cayucos, California



This is a great place to have a velomobile gathering. Craig and Vicky did a first rate job of organizing, planning the routes and welcoming us to their home. I’ve never seen so many […]


Do you know the way to San Jose (It is what it is.)

The title for this ride is because the original plan was to take the train to San Jose, then ride from there. Later we decided that driving would shorten the trip almost two days.  The challenge was to find a place to park the car, while we toured. I asked on the bicycle touring mailing […]


San Diego Backcountry Tour – Velorambler plus one

The maps and images may take a while to load, depending upon your network connection and load on the servers.

Our plan was to ride four days with three overnight camps. Thursday, the first day, would be the toughest. We would ride from Poway to La Jolla Indian Reservation Campground. The distance is 40 miles, […]


2013 Velorambler Three Amigos Sideways Tour

Home to Santa Fe Station Wednesday April 3rd Mileage estimate: 25 miles from home

We wanted to make this a no car trip, so I started riding at 7:30 from my home in Poway and met Dennis about an hour later. We rode together through Kearney Mesa, Linda Vista, Old Town, then straight down Kettner […]


4th Annual San Diego Tweed Ride

Sunday December 9, 2012

I estimate there were more than 100 people participating. This little bike was painted up just for the occasion. It was both and advertisement and a road marker for people looking for the ride start.

Cargo Bike painted up for the ride

This was one of the more […]


Safety Quiz

I found this cool safety quiz. The answers are based upon facts and data from various sources.

Go to this link to view the page directly

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Traffic Control: An Exercise in Self-Defeat

On The National Center for Bicycling and Walking, I found this article titled oddly, Traffic Control Back to Basics a scholarly paper complete with Bibliography. I was most impressed by the arguments the author Kenneth Todd presented for a different kind of traffic control.

Some of the radical ideas include replacing most street control lights […]


No Foolin’ 60 for 60

Sunday was my 60th Birthday, so I decided to ride my bicycle 60 miles to celebrate. Last month wasn’t a big ride month so I wasn’t in optimal condition to take on a challenge like this.

I had originally thought about taking the train from Escondido to Oceanside, ride to Dana Point and back, […]


Copenhagenize, cult leader

I was recently lead to this page on and decided that I needed to answer it. I’m not prone to diatribes against other cyclists, but this page irked me. I doubt the author will ever see this but here it is.

Do advocates for separated bicycle facilities believe in fairies, trolls and ogres? I […]


February 8, 2012

This is the ride my friend Dennis and I did. Fun ride and interesting scenery. Sorry no pictures this time. I forgot my camera. 🙁 We did have a great lunch at Swami’s Cafe in Encinitas.