Julian to Borrego Springs

Total mileage: 82 miles Estimated Total climb: 6-7,000 feet. Value: priceless. 🙂

Saturday March 19th, 2011 was the annual Tour of Borrego Springs. Some of the San Diego Recyclers bicycle club members were camping at Palm Canyon campgrounds and I decided to go too. However, I decided to ride from Julian to Borrego Springs and […]


Salem to McMinville

On my Bike Friday New World Traveler

Because the train ride from Solana Beach, California to Salem, Oregon was 31 hours, mostly sitting in coach,  I decided that a good nights sleep and a chance to rejuvenate myself in Salem was preferable to trying to get to McMinville immediately, especially since I was arriving just […]


Packing my Bike Friday

New World Tourist

I found this bike on Craig’s List and thought it was too good a deal to pass up. I took it completely apart and had the frame repowdercoated to make the bike look new. I ordered a set of decals from Green Gear Cycling, the manufacturer of Bike Friday. The last time […]


Train Trip Solana Beach to Salem

My Oregon Train Adventure

I was going to Oregon for my brother Tom’s memorial service. I decided to take the train to avoid the insult to my fourth amendment rights by the Tiny Soldier Army. I don’t really want to x-rayed or fondled by a stranger, that happens to be an employee of the federal […]