Packing my Bike Friday

New World Tourist

I found this bike on Craig’s List and thought it was too good a deal to pass up. I took it completely apart and had the frame repowdercoated to make the bike look new. I ordered a set of decals from Green Gear Cycling, the manufacturer of Bike Friday. The last time […]


Train Trip Solana Beach to Salem

My Oregon Train Adventure

I was going to Oregon for my brother Tom’s memorial service. I decided to take the train to avoid the insult to my fourth amendment rights by the Tiny Soldier Army. I don’t really want to x-rayed or fondled by a stranger, that happens to be an employee of the federal […]


Custom Wool Knickers

This is a somewhat long post, because it took more than two months to complete. Hope you enjoy the read.

I’ve been trying to figure out what would be the most comfortable and flexible clothing to wear while traveling by bicycle. I’m not fond of the idea of Lycra while touring, because it gets really […]


There’s safety in numbers for cyclists

by Elly Blue

In U.S. cities, there are a lot more people out bicycling than just a few years ago. You might reasonably think that the bicycle crash rate would skyrocket as more people, from wobbly new riders to the outright safety-averse, take to the streets on two wheels.

It’s a fine, common-sense assumption — […]


Big Oil Threatens Adventure Cycling Routes

By Mike Seager (Editor), on September 30th, 2010

Would you want to bike with this? That tiny truck on the right is a logging truck.

If you’ve been reading the Eugene Weekly, you may already know that Imperial Oil/ExxonMobil is planning to ship hundreds of tons of oil equipment up the Columbia River, destined […]


Share the Road Stinks

I read this interesting post by a lawyer from Ohio. I love his writing style and I think he has an important message to get out. Bicyclists belong!

Some of his post I find most thought provoking:

“This entire line of thought has always baffled me, frankly, because it implies that motorists OWN […]


Lakeside, Santee & Mission Gorge August 5, 2010

Distance: 46.8 Miles Moving Average: 11.2 MPH Total Climb: 3091 Feet Max Speed: 36.4 MPH Max HR: 169 BPM Avg HR: 129 BPM

Click on an image to see a full size view.

This is the long view. If you want to see the entire route take a trip over to RideWithGPS where I’ve […]


Trekking Bars

As always you can see a higher resolutions view by clicking on the inline images.


Close up of instrument panel

Blackburn Delphi 5.0 with Heart Rate Monitor and Cadence on right. Garmin Etrex Vista HCx with Topo Maps on left. Crane Brass Bell conveniently located on left, within easy reach from all […]


Solana Beach, Thursday July 29, 2010

Mileage: 40 Miles Total Ascent: 2100 feet Average speed: 11.7 mph

Thursday was a great day to ride. Marine layer in the morning guarantees a cool start, though as it burns off, the day can get quite warm inland.We started from the area of Rancho Penasquitos close to Black Mountain.  We rode north on Black […]


Velodrome Swap Meet

Distance : 63.83 miles Average Speed :10.3 mph Max Speed : 37.3 mph Climb :2973 ft

Today the Velodrome Association held their spring version of the twice yearly Swap Meet. Dennis and I rode down to check out the commotion. It’s a good place to meet other cyclists, too. There was a lot to see […]